A suite of tools for creating 3D models for movies and games, graphic design and illustrations


Presents powerful intuitive and visual controls for digital images, tools for synthesizing impressive two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation.

ZBrush sets the industry standard for digital sculpture. Its features allow you to use customizable brushes to shape, texture, and paint virtual clay in a real-time environment that provides instant feedback.

When you use ZBrush, you’ll be working with the same tools that are used by film studios, game developers, toy/collectors, jewelry designers, car/aviation designers, illustrators, and artists around the world.




Pixologic ZBrush is the perfect choice for a 3D artist. Create objects of any complexity, design textures and shapes with a rich set of tools. Now even a standard object can become a work of art: all thanks to the wide possibilities of transformation and special detailing technology to represent the most ordinary object in various variations.

Now any point of a three-dimensional object is not just a set of coordinates. In Pixologic ZBrush, it has not only information about its location in space, but also orientation, and the parameters of the material that was used to create this model element are assigned to it. A designer can literally “paint” objects by hatching with a given depth.

Tired of manually drawing all the shadows and reflections? No need to worry about it anymore, ZBrush will do everything on its own.

ZBrush functions:

  • DynaMesh – model without worrying about building a grid of the object; Use logical operations while preserving the topology of the model.
  • FiberMesh – create 3D fur, hair and wool, use specialized brushes with many parameters to paint such objects.
  • MicroMesh – Work on the smallest details of models with fur.
  • Sculpting – create amazing shapes from a standard spherical object. This process is similar to working with real material – change the shape of the original figure as you want: pull, crumple, experiment with geometry and materials, insert moving elements (do you want a ball with blinking eyes?) and much more. Everything is limited only by imagination.
  • Polish different surfaces, give them different geometric shapes, install holes where necessary, create smooth surfaces using non-standard templates.
  • Any layout can be saved to a special library, which will allow you to quickly create 3D projects and animations.
  • Divide objects into a specified number of elements to create extremely complex details using the wall thickness adjustment. This is necessary when developing projects for volumetric printing.
  • Control the chiaroscuro with an extensive set of BPR filters. Determine the degree of shading for different materials using the Cavity Mixer option.
  • Add the smallest details to objects using the Alpha and Mask tools.
  • Easily deform your models with Transpose Curve and UnClip.
    Change the orientation of the mask through compression and expansion.
  • Edit topological parameters.
  • Export projects as JPEG files with editing, basic configuration, and preview capabilities.
  • Save basic project data and chiaroscuro information. View your work with auto-aligning perspectives, etc.

Sculptris PRO

A dynamic tessellation workflow that allows you to ignore polygon distribution constraints and simply sculpt! Sculptris Pro allows you to start with any shape or model, whether it has ten polygons or ten thousand. Absolutely no need to worry about having enough polygons to capture parts.

Essentially, Sculptris Pro helps you sculpt more detailed characters without thinking about resolution. There is no need to mask areas and subdivide them locally. As you sculpt, you can get to the point where you split your grid or DynaMesh when you need to get more details. This can be done while you add clay. Perhaps after you’ve added new geometry with some of the new deformers. Or simply, when you detail the surface of your mesh.

Project Primitive

A unique deformer that offers a new way to combine several parts of geometry. Use a few primitives to change the shape of the grid, cut it, build from a different grid, and more.


A whole new way to create polygonal groupings. PolygroupIt accurately evaluates the surface of the model in real time, generating intelligent groupings at the touch of a button. You can delete, add, copy and paste and even use PolyPaint.

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