Remote Access Software/Standard (RFC 6143)





VNC Connect Enterprise

VNC Connect Professional

VNC Viewer Plus

It is a flexible and reliably protected remote access software tool that meets the needs of corporate users from all sectors of the economy.

Allows you to work with applications on all current IT platforms, supports mobile functionality.

Created specifically to meet the needs of companies, taking into account the multitasking inherent in the work of a modern office.

The main focus of the developer focused on the simplicity and speed of organizing remote control of critical systems and applications using any devices.

Allows you to connect and control Intel Core vPro over an additional channel.

Developed jointly by Intel, the solution allows you to connect even to a turned off computer, or to a computer with a non-working operating system.

VNC Viewer Plus is compatible with Windows


VNC is widely used in hundreds of different products and applications, from help desks to creating virtual environments, available in a huge variety of desktop, mobile and embedded platforms.

Data about keystrokes and mouse movements performed by a user on his own computer is transmitted over the network to the remote computer and is perceived by him actions with his own keyboard and mouse. Information from the remote computer screen is displayed on the user’s computer screen. Working on VNC over the Internet with a remote computer located in the opposite direction of the world, to the user looks as if this computer is directly in front of him.

The remote computer must be running a server program (VNC server), which acts as a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, and communicates with the user’s computer. Access to the VNC server can be password protected.

A client program (VNC client, VNC viewer) must be running on the user’s computer, which transmits information about keystrokes and mouse movements to the remote computer, receives an image from it and displays it on the screen. VNC clients exist for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, macOS, and many other platforms. There are also VNC clients for PDAs and mobile phones. When starting a VNC client, it is enough to specify the DNS name or IP address of the remote computer, and a password if access to the VNC server is password protected.

The bulk of the data transmitted via VNC falls on the graphic information displayed on the screen. The operation requires a channel bandwidth from 32 Kbit/s to 2 Mbit/s. For comfortable work in full-color mode at a screen resolution of 1024×768, the channel speed should be 1-2 Mbit / s. With a decrease in the quality of graphics, with a decrease in the number of colors and with some additional optimization methods, acceptable convenience can provide a speed of 128 Kbps. The channel is fully engaged only when updating large areas of the screen, when printing text, traffic is noticeably less, and the rest of the time the channel is practically not used. If there are large delays in the transmission of packets (slow channels, satellite communications, long distances) during transmission over the channel, this causes a deterioration in the reaction time to keystrokes and mouse movement, which significantly reduces the comfort of work.


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