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Red Hat is a leading provider of open source products





Red Hat offers stable products and provides a high level of service. Red Hat products are certified by leading hardware and software vendors (IBM, HP, Dell, Oracle, SAP, and many others). For everything from a typical home computer to a large data center, Red Hat products will be useful, bringing both innovation and agility inherent in open source products, as well as the stability and reliability of the corporate system.

Server Solutions

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server
The older model of the Linux family, available with the highest levels of support.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS (“Advanced Server”) is the pinnacle of all Linux solutions for the enterprise sector. It is designed for large computing centers and can be deployed on powerful departmental servers. Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS supports IBM POWER and zSeries/S390 systems and provides Standard and Premium support levels. Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS should be used for systems with more than two processors or more than 16Gb of physical RAM.

Typical tasks for Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS are:

  • Large databases
  • powerful web-server and application server;
  • Enterprise applications such as CRM, ERP and SCM.
  • Also for large companies, Red Hat offers a number of supersystem solutions.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Entry Server
Designed for small and medium-sized servers used for most common tasks.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES (“entry/mid server”) is an operating system for entry and middle class servers on the Intel x86, EM64T, Itanium2 and AMD64 platforms. It supports single- and dual-processor systems with up to 16Gb of RAM and can be used for a wide variety of tasks: from basic network services to mid-level departmental servers. Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES has essentially the same capabilities as Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS, but supports fewer hardware platforms and works with less powerful systems. Enterprise Linux ES has Basic and Standard levels of support.

Typical applications of Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES include:

  • corporate web-infrastructure;
  • basic network services (DHCP, DNS, Firewall, etc.);
  • postal and print services;
  • File servers
  • Small/medium databases
  • Applications at the enterprise departmental level.


Client Solutions

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation
Designed for developer and administrator workstations and client workstations.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS (“workstation”) is a desktop client, a high-quality product of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux family. It is designed for 32- and 64-bit Intel and AMD processors (x86, EM64T, Itanium2 and AMD64) and is ideal for the “sophisticated” user. WS can also be used in the development of software and technical visualization programs (CAD/CAM, EDA, etc.).

Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS also includes a complete set of desktop applications, it includes: a complete office suite, e-mail, instant messaging, web-browser. Although Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS is based on the same kernel as server products, it does not include some network server applications (such as DNS and DHCP). Therefore, it can only be used in a client environment. This version supports up to two processors and has no limits on the amount of RAM. Enterprise Linux WS has basic and standard levels of support.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation HPC
Build an environment for high-performance computing (HPC) most efficiently (in terms of costs) on the basis of Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS. In these environments, you can deploy it in workstation mode without a monitor, keyboard, or mouse. The Enterprise Linux family includes several common HPC packages, such as PVM and LAM.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop
Ideal for client deployments. Available in a configuration that includes red Hat Network Satellite Server. Enables you to create an infrastructure that provides the highest levels of manageability and security.

Red Hat Desktop is a feature-rich client desktop. It supports 32-bit Intel x86-compatible processors and 64-bit Intel EM64T and AMD64 processors. Red Hat Desktop works with single-socket systems whose RAM does not exceed 4Gb. This version of the OS has the same software functionality as Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS, but is designed for smaller systems and has a lower cost.


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