A set of tools for database management – Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft Azure. Modern development tools for the .NET Framework are SmartAssembly and .NET Reflector.




SQL DataCompare

SQL Data Compare is a standard tool for expanding SQL Server databases and comparing the information they contain. The user can work with existing databases, their backups and SQL scripts using the database version control system.

Damaged or lost data can be recovered in one row, you will not need to restore the entire database. SQL Data Compare allows you to quickly, easily and without a single error deploy databases and compare the information stored in them.

SQL Data Compare Standard can:

  • Save time spent comparing and synchronizing data.
  • Copy search results from the developer’s databases to where the query came from.
  • Create T-SQL scripts to supplement information stored in one database with information located in another.
  • Log the entire history of database changes.
  • Compare and synchronize data in SQL Server Management Studio.
  • SQL Data Compare Standard is also capable of deploying data across SQL Server, SQL Azure, and SQL Server to Amazon RDS.


SQL Monitor

Actively monitoring SQL Server with SQL Monitor can help you and your development team find vulnerabilities before they become real problems.

  • Alert. If problems occur before they affect the servers, an alert will be displayed immediately.
  • Diagnostics. The causes of the problems will be identified.
  • Performance. SQL Monitor will also reveal all the features of the system and the factors affecting it.
  • Reviews. The state of SQL Server is regularly analyzed.
  • Reports. It is possible to compile and send reports on the operation of systems.


Protect users

With SQL Monitor, you can monitor the entire operation of the system and prevent problems in time, so that users will not encounter them. So it doesn’t matter if you need to figure out when the disk will fill up, or be alerted when some unusual activity appears in the database, SQL Monitor will give you all the necessary information that will already work adequately in the SQL Server environment.
It comes with alerts already configured and customizable to immediately highlight the issues that are most prioritized, as well as basic/developmental analysis and integrated reporting capabilities.

You’ll monitor faster and get more accurate results than ever before.
If SQL Server is monitored by custom scripts, you know how long it takes.

A developing environment can take several hours. SQL Monitor allows you to reduce the scan time to several minutes per day. This is possible thanks to the web overview of the servers, which is updated every 15 seconds.

Features of the system load, including up to the level of individual databases are now tracked without difficulty. No matter how vast your environment is, you’ll have a thorough understanding of how it works. And you’ll never have to deal with a reporting script again.


SQL Backup Pro

It compresses, validates, and encrypts SQL Server backups.

SQL Backup Pro simplifies backup in 6 ways:

  • Acceleration. Step-by-step scripts and a centralized interface will save you from having to create, restore and verify backups.
  • Automation. Creating, checking and restoring backups, as well as recording the history of changes, occurs automatically.
  • Protect network resiliency. Backups will not be lost due to network problems.
  • 95% compression. Disk space is saved, network file transfers are faster, and backups take up 95 percent less space than regular SQL Server.
  • Security. Backups are protected with 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Check. The backups will check themselves with a scheduled regular database restore, which will also run and check their integrity in the best way: DBCC CHECKDB.

Backing up, restoring, and verifying data are the three main features of any good backup strategy, and SQL Backup Pro performs them brilliantly. All it needs is a fast, small, and secure backup of your SQL Server database on a schedule that you set.

After the backups are created, it verifies their integrity with the additional CHECKSUM and RESTORE VERIFYONLY steps.

The Schedule Restore Jobs script helps you set up automatic scanning based on the optimal DBCC CHECKDB standard. This will allow you to be completely sure that there are no errors in the backups.

Automatic checking of the status of backups will help you gain confidence in the security of your data, and at the same time save time, money and effort.


.NET Developer Bundle

The quality of the software is of great importance, especially for professional
developers and testers.

With this .NET developer pack, you can:

create high-quality software worthy of being proud of;
Finish the application in time.
Understand the code you’re working with, whether you made it yourself or someone else compiled it.
Set performance standards in your team.

Components of a .NET package. The .NET Development Kit includes:

ANTS Performance Profiler Pro. This tool allows you to get a complete picture of the performance of your application and find problematic code fragments or databases.
ANTS Memory Profiler. This tool is able to find out in a few minutes what excess memory is spent on and optimize it for code written in C # and VB.NET.
.NET Reflector VSPro. This tool is designed to recognize and debug any extraneous code, including frameworks, components and libraries.


Deployment Suite для Oracle

Deployment Suite for Oracle accelerates database development, simplifies change management, and secures information. It includes three tools that make it easy to synchronize schemas and data, record database changes to version control, scan a saved database, and create scripts for manual upgrades.

You can also use the command line to automate the comparison and sweep process, and to include your Oracle databases in the DevOps process.



Quickly compare schemas and data
Deployment Suite enables you to quickly and error-freely compare data in schemas and tables across database instances. Its advantages are:

  • Compare multiple schemas and tables at the same time.
  • identify differences in DDL;
  • A graphical representation of rows and columns to see where data is out of sync.
  • the comparison results are filtered and an interactive report is provided.


MySQL Comparison Bundle

There are two great tools in the kit. Now you can easily compare and deploy MySQL schemas and data.

The MySQL Comparison Bundle is provided free of charge for non-commercial use, personal use, and for the charitable and educational sectors. Enterprise Edition – paid commercial version.

MySQL data and schema comparisons, as well as sweeps, are as follows:

  • significantly reduces the period of comparison and synchronization in the two databases;
  • errors are eliminated with the help of SQL-scripts in order to sweep changes from dev, to test;
  • find and correct errors that occur if the information in the databases differs.


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