Zert0- Applications

Zert0- Applications

HPE OO Automated Failover Testing

The main component of the Zerto Cloud Continuity Platform is DevOps automation using the Zerto API. Working with world-class IT process management tools such as HPE Operations Orchestration is key to enabling proactive, automated IT management between the heterogeneous environments that Zerto protects. Problems with IT processes Disparate IT infrastructures are alive and well, and here to stay. Consider new types of problems, with [Read more]

SQL Server Replication & Recovery

SQL Server, database replication, and remote backup. Microsoft SQL Server is a robust database application that is used by hundreds of thousands of organizations around the world. A crash or logical failure that affects the availability of Microsoft SQL Server can result in data loss, significantly reducing employee productivity and even damaging the company’s brand and [Read more]

SAP Replication & Recovery

SAP is a mission-critical, multi-tier application that is used by 291,000 organizations in 190 countries. In the event of an emergency or logical fallacy affecting SAP availability, this can result in a significant impact on business operations, data loss, decreased employee productivity, stock devaluation, and a negative impact on the company’s brand. SAP Security Issues Related to Protection [Read more]

Oracle Replication & Recovery

Oracle databases are used by 98% of Fortune 500 companies and form the backbone of mission-critical applications and business operations. If the availability of an Oracle database has been compromised due to a disaster or logical failure, then performance is interrupted, data is potentially lost, the corporate image is tarnished, and the stock price is potentially devalued. Protection Issues for Oracle Database Servers Protecting Oracle Database Servers is [Read more]