Zerto – Comparison with Veeam Replication

Zerto – Comparison with Veeam Replication

Benefits of Using Zerto Virtual Replication 

Zerto Virtual Replication is the industry’s first IT Resilience platform to provide a single solution for disaster recovery, data protection and workload mobility, across multiple clouds. By combining continuous replication, automated orchestration, and enterprise-class scalability, the Zerto platform greatly simplifies IT operations and increases business agility.

Veeam is primarily a backup solution that can also be used to create backups of virtual machines in a site
Recoveries that can be used for disaster recovery. Replication is performed on a schedule using performance-impact snapshots, both at the VM and storage levels, for supported providers, with snapshots on replica VMs for point-in-time recovery. This limits the scalability and frequency of replica updates, data retention, and makes it more difficult to recover applications with multiple virtual machines.

Zerto Virtual Replication permanently replaces Veeam for replication

“The detail of ZVR is incredibly valuable to our organization. With Zerto we can restore one or more virtual machines, because the situation is simple and most importantly, fast. The recovery process took 9 hours, required several people, and we lost at least one hour of valuable data. With ZVR, we only needed one person and in 15 minutes we were operational and recovered the data in a few seconds” (Senior Analyst, ABN AMRO)

Monitor and replicate changes at the block level of virtual machines in the hypervisor without snapshots or impact. By using consistency groups across multiple virtual machines, Zerto provides seamless protection and recovery for enterprise applications. Existing Veeam customers can install Zerto in minutes and protect virtual machines with Veeam backup jobs and Zerto real-time replication.


Benefits of Zerto Description
Scalable DR Hypervisor-based scalable replication technology that scales to thousands of virtual machines
Minimize impact RPO in seconds with real-time replication, not backup, only VM block-level changes
No snapshot No impact on performance, stunning, production VM overhead, and complexity of planning
One to many Simultaneously replicate virtual machines on-premises, to Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, 350+ other clouds and restore directly to production
Visibility View real-time RPOs across multiple data centers and clouds anytime, anywhere
Fast Recovery RTO minutes to full performance without replica virtual machine snapshots
Recover more Rewind and restore sites, apps, virtual machines, and files in second increments of up to 30 days
Consecutive Protect and recover enterprise applications with multiple virtual machines with consistency groups
Reduce risk Automated recovery with fail-safe fault-tolerant testing and compliance reporting
Redundancy Manage and run recovery from production and recovery sites
Cross-hypervisor Automatically convert virtual machines between hypervisors, vSphere to Hyper-V, between vSphere versions
For the future Agnostic, future solution; VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Azure, IBM Cloud, AWS



Feature Comparison ZVR Veeam Replication v 9.5
Protect small remote offices of virtual machines Yes Yes
Protect data centers and up to thousands of virtual machines Yes
Redundant enterprise-class management infrastructure Yes
Scalable hypervisor-based device architecture Yes
RPO in seconds with real-time VM block-level replication Yes
Concurrent one-to-many replication to Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, or 350+ other clouds Yes
No snapshots, no stunning, and no impact on the virtual machine Yes
Multi-VM consistency grouping that is independent of storage Yes
Bandwidth compression, prioritization, and resiliency Yes
SQL and Oracle Optimization Saves 50% bandwidth Yes
Thousands of recovery points without replica snapshots Yes
Point-in-time separation of replica virtual machines from recovery data Yes
Rewind in seconds increments from 30 days Yes
Near-instant recovery of sites, multi-VM applications, virtual machines, and files Yes
RTO in minutes with full VM performance Yes Limited performance
Fail-safe failover with no replication interruption Yes Yes
Boot Order, Automatic IP Rerapplication, and Custom Scripts Yes Yes
Automatic check-in and reverse protection Yes Yes
Cross-hypervisor replication with on-the-fly transformation Yes
Real-time RPO dashboard for all protected virtual machines Yes
Anywhere, Anytime Protection Monitoring with Zerto Analytics Yes


Check the difference in minutes

Zerto Virtual Replication can be installed, configured, and replicated by virtual machines in less than 1 hour without any downtime or major production changes. Download a free trial today at www.zerto.com and discover simple VM-based replication that delivers RPO in seconds and RTO in minutes without compromising any existing Veeam backup jobs.