Video surveillance and physical security

Video surveillance and physical security

Video Surveillance. The advanced security surveillance solutions help businesses identify security threats and vulnerabilities in real time. They enable staff to mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and effectively investigate fraud.

Multifunctional video solutions allow companies not just to record, but to use a comprehensive approach to security management ahead of events.

Verint is recognized as the world’s recognized leader in the field of creating intelligent video surveillance systems.

Vernit offers technologies that are powerful, from gathering information inside and outside the company’s premises to conducting investigations and monitoring the effectiveness of video systems throughout the network to improve the efficiency of the company and the quality of customer service.

Verint solutions include state-of-the-art investigative tools designed specifically to make security work more efficient and effective. These tools include:

  • Analytics of surveillance systems: identifies suspicious movements and aspects such as the direction of movement and crossing of lines, as well as abandoned and forgotten objects. If the system detects a predefined movement, it can send SMS or e-mail notifications to the appropriate personnel or alert related systems.
  • Forensic Facial Recognition: Allows you to search for and identify violators and persons who have entered the territory with fraudulent purposes, identifying crimes and physical security in advance.


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