Analytical System for Collecting Information –

Actionable Intelligence



An intelligent scalable and universal system (covers and analyzes in one Control Center all the information received from various sensors / tracking systems), and can be used in all spheres of life – from an individual company to projects of the “Safe City” class.


Large amounts of video information received on the monitors of security personnel cause difficulties in identifying events of importance among them. Verint’s Video Analytics Suite helps organizations monitor and automatically identify these information flows, speeding up decisions and follow-ups accordingly. Verint’s Video Analytics Suite increases situational awareness and transforms threat detection from a manual, resource-intensive way to a more efficient and accurate automated process. Thus, security services can concentrate on suppressing the source of the alarm, rather than trying to identify it among hundreds of images.



Verint Named ‘Company of the Year’ with Its Intelligent Physical Security Solution 2017
  • Overview video surveillance and integration of already installed video systems into a single security complex
  • Situational video analytics – automatic detection of emergency situations
  • Biometric Video Analytics – Automatic Face Detection and Recognition
  • Automatic display of video materials to verify the alarm situation
  • Automatic display of the place of occurrence of an alarm situation
  • Formation of an archive of alarming situations with the ability to search for and analyze alarming situations
  • Broadcast video data and information about recorded events
  • Archiving and storage of video data and information about recorded events
  • Automatic calculation of statistics of the movement of people and preparation of reports
  • Recognition of state registration plates of vehicles.

Verint Video Analytics Tools





  • Crossing the stop line
  • Motion Analysis
  • Entrance to the protected area
  • Exit from the protected area
  • Crossing the stop line
  • Entrance to the protected area
  • Exit from the protected area
  • Being in a protected area
  • Motion Analysis
  • Was abandoned
  • Has been deleted
Face recognition (read more…) License car recognition (read more…)


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