Verint Analytics – Facial Recognition

Verint Analytics – Facial Recognition

Real-time face recognition


Verint FaceDetect technology – guarantee for all occasions

Use of a special high-speed algorithm based on Neural Networks


Biometric face recognition:

  • Technology of integratual self-learning
  • Face Recognition (Blacklist)
  • Identification (whitelists)
  • Analyzes more than 80 facial features: nose width, jaw line, etc.


  • No physical interaction with humansHigh accuracy due to complete study of the object
  • Biometric analysis that allows you to identify a person “one of many”
  • Technology that uses standard IP security cameras and server GPUs for system scalability

Security structures:

  • prevention of theft;
  • control of suspicious persons;
  • prompt response to situations

Shops, boutiques, supermarkets:

  • attendance statistics;
  • prevention of theft;
  • control of employees’ working time

Shopping and entertainment centers:

  • security, control of suspicious persons;
  • attendance information
  • Face control

Households, OSBB:

  • Security (control of suspicious persons on the territory of the residential complex);
  • statistics of visits;
  • prevention of illegal actions

Children’s institutions:

  • attendance information;
  • security (monitoring of suspicious persons)


  • information about regular guests regardless of the change of staff;
  • security, visitors (control of suspicious persons);
  • information about VIP preferences




Integration with access control solutions

People’s access to the protected area. The use of an electronic key, or crossing a line, causes the function of analysis and recognition of the face. An unauthorized login alert is issued.

Integration with terminals / ATMs / cash registers

Prevent fraudulent/forbidden transactions


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