Verint Analytics – License car Recognition

Verint Analytics – License car Recognition

Automotive Recognition
License plates

The license plate recognition system is an analytical tool that solves the problems of automatic recognition and accounting of license plates at control points and when performing traffic control tasks.

The intelligent module allows you to automate the work of parking lots, checkpoints, passing enterprises, logistics complexes, weighing, car washes and gas stations, and also serves to control the access of cars to the territory of residential complexes and cottage settlements.

The Verint system is able to recognize all types of  foreign numbers.

License plate recognition – with a probability of up to 99%.

The system recognizes car numbers by analyzing the video coming from the cameras, and saves information about all cars that have passed in the database: date / time of travel, direction of travel, car image, car number, camera name, comments, etc.

Comparing the recognized numbers with lists and access parameters, the system gives commands to external devices – barriers, gates, traffic lights.





  • Automatic entry and exit
  • Vehicle registration by car number
  • Calculation of the length of stay
  • Restricting access to third-party cars
  • Remote monitoring of parking operation


Petrol station / Car wash

  • Control of personnel and services provided
  • Transport monitoring, attendance statistics
  • Automate checkout
  • Integration with the company’s information systems, automation of business processes
  • Accounting of working hours, loading of boxes
  • Loyalty building



  • Automatic travel from preset lists
  • Integration with ACS for barrier management
  • Maintenance of statistics and reports
  • Automation of the security service
  • Integration with existing enterprise systems


Cottage villages

  • Automation of the admission of cars to the territory
  • Registration of guest passes
  • Parking lot control
  • Improve security
  • Remote barrier control

Integration of video analytics and payment systems allows you to warn and quickly respond to the occurrence of such events as:


Stream 1 – Image from Surveillance Cameras

  • skimming, unauthorized use of electronic payment cards, etc.
  • prevention of intrusion and being in the protected area without conducting transactions through the ATM terminal


Stream 2 – ATM Terminal Transaction Information



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