Zert0 – Industry

Zert0 – Industry

BC/DR for law firms

BC/DR for law firms and their virtualized applications can be difficult to manage and even harder to secure. A typical law firm may have over 20-30 different applications, each consisting of multiple virtual machines (VMs) used by different teams of paid workers and business units. Each application can potentially use a different application to maintain and perform recovery [Read more]

BC/DR for health care

Patient information and medical information are arguably the most manageable information on the planet, however, to ensure effective patient care, this information must be available to medical professionals at all times. This task is complicated by the fact that healthcare applications are generally very lively and complex and making them accessible is not an easy task. Zerto Virtual [Read more]

BC/DR for financial companies

In financial services, disaster recovery is critical to ensure continuity of operations and minimal impact of any potential accident. Without a full BC/DR, disaster decisions can affect everything from the ability of employees to perform their job duties to the value of an organization’s stock. Because financial services and applications tend to increase the value of data and transactions, BC/DR requirements [Read more]