Zert0 – BC/DR for health care

Zert0 – BC/DR for health care

Patient information and medical information are arguably the most manageable information on the planet, however, to ensure effective patient care, this information must be available to medical professionals at all times. This task is complicated by the fact that healthcare applications are generally very lively and complex and making them accessible is not an easy task.

Zerto Virtual Replication performs protection in the hypervisor, which increases the stability of the BC/DR strategy, since it interacts with the hypervisor, and not the application itself.
Medical applications are carefully configured in such a way that restructuring them for any reason is challenging and can lead to the cancellation of a support agreement. Zerto Virtual Replication is easily installed into existing infrastructure without the need for any hardware or software configuration.

How Zerto Solves Disaster Recovery in Healthcare

Zerto Virtual Replication provides consistent application protection across the entire infrastructure with one simple BC/DR solution. Block-level continuous replication provides a directive recovery time in seconds and a recovery time of minutes, virtually eliminating downtime and ensuring that patient care is not interrupted. In addition, Zerto Virtual Replication helps meet many healthcare requirements, including the Health Insurance Act (HIPAA).

  • Zerto virtual Replication provides a Directive Recovery Time (RPO) of seconds and An Allowable Downtime (RTO) of minutes, providing quick access to information.
  • Electronic health records (EHR) are guaranteed to be available throughout the healthcare network – in doctors’ offices, hospitals and clinics.
  • Replication between multiple sites with the same shared infrastructure provides consistent disaster recovery across locations, while reducing costs and securing data separation.
  • A robust reporting system supports compliance with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA and others. The Disaster Recovery Test Report demonstrates that a viable recovery process occurs in the location where the failure occurs.
  • Zerto virtual Replication can replicate between different types of storage and servers, extending the life of existing hardware. In addition, its simplicity means that no dedicated disaster recovery team is required, which reduces operating costs.

Finally, Zerto uses the data being copied to create backups as part of its remote backup functionality. Backups are removed from the production environment to reduce the load, and this backup (like all Zerto features) supports any storage system, multiple hypervisors, and any cloud infrastructure.


Zerto Virtual Replication protects and makes patient and healthcare data available with industry-leading remote backup and disaster recovery software, so healthcare providers have access to the information they need to quickly diagnose and recommend treatment. Efficient use of a hypervisor-based replication solution eliminates reliance on hardware, which reduces the cost and complexity of improving patient care.