Zert0 – Hybrid Cloud

Zert0 – Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud DR, replication, remote backup and migration

What hybrid cloud offers is very attractive to organizations. With a hybrid cloud deployment, IT teams can leverage internal, private cloud environments for their most rigorous and secure workloads, while using the public cloud for testing, development, backup, or disaster recovery, as is common in their organization.

The problem with hybrid cloud is how do you move apps and data over time to make it meaningful? Most of the work needs to be moved from a private cloud environment to a public cloud, and this process can take weeks or months. This is so insurmountable that most organizations will not migrate their applications, despite significant cost savings, as downtime negatively affects the business.

Zerto Virtual Replication was built to run in a hypervisor and manage hybrid clouds with the ability to easily replicate and migrate data between VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments, just like amazon Web Services. With the ability to encapsulate an application and quickly and easily migrate it to almost any environment, organizations can gain flexibility and cost savings on a hybrid cloud. IT teams can now choose their environment based on only two parameters– service level and price.

Zerto Virtual Replication provides all the capabilities you need to provide a complete hybrid cloud disaster recovery solution in one easy-to-use software solution, making it indispensable for organizations of all sizes that are covered by virtualization.

  • Cross-hypervisor replication: Replicate applications and data in and between VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments.
  • Replicate to the public cloud: Replicate from a VMware or Microsoft environment to Amazon Web Services.
  • Limitless application mobility: Encapsulate and move applications as needed in environments, between hypervisors, or in the public cloud.
  • Quick migration: Use new IT resources with migrations completed in minutes and minimal downtime.
  • Centralized Management: Manage multi-site, multi-cloud environments across multiple sites in a single user interface.
  • No application or data reconfiguration required: easily install in minutes into existing infrastructure, regardless of hypervisor, cloud, or storage.
  • Storage and Hypervisor Independence: Flexible use of any storage, VMware Vsphere, Microsoft Hyper-V or Amazon Web Services.
  • Always Recoverable: Zerto Offsite Backup uses information replicated for disaster recovery purposes and applies it to backups. It moves backup operations out of the production environment, which significantly reduces the burden on production workloads. ZVR now allows you to back up to public clouds, making it much easier to back up to hybrid clouds.


Zerto Virtual Replication delivers success through hybrid clouds – enabling you to encapsulate and quickly and easily move applications across the public and private cloud environments. Zerto Virtual Replication provides hybrid cloud disaster recovery, as well as full mobility and migration capabilities to get working volumes in the right place for proper use. IT teams can now choose their environment based on only two parameters– service level and price.