Zert0 – infrastructure

Zert0 – infrastructure

Public Cloud

Public Cloud DR, Replication, Remote Backup and Migration Many companies are very interested in the public cloud, as it offers a cost-effective alternative to an IT site, and also provides the ability to quickly and easily provide resources on demand. The flexibility and agility of the proposed public cloud, combined with the predictable monthly cost, gives companies all the tools they need to [Read more]

Private Cloud

Private Cloud DR, replication, remote backup and migration Private Cloud offers many benefits to organizations, as it allows you to more efficiently allocate the resources of the organization in order to optimize costs and respond quickly to business needs. A private cloud typically consists of multiple nodes, large data centers, and small branch offices that are virtualized and represented in a single business. [Read more]

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud DR, replication, remote backup and migration What hybrid cloud offers is very attractive to organizations. With a hybrid cloud deployment, IT teams can leverage internal, private cloud environments for their most rigorous and secure workloads, while using the public cloud for testing, development, backup, or disaster recovery, as is common in [Read more]