Zert0 – Public Cloud

Zert0 – Public Cloud

Public Cloud DR, replication, remote backup and migration

Many companies are very interested in the public cloud, as it offers a cost-effective alternative for an IT site, and also provides the ability to quickly and easily provide resources on demand. The flexibility and agility of the proposed public cloud, combined with the predictable monthly cost, gives companies all the tools they need to respond quickly to market changes and business requirements.

The question is how to quickly and efficiently retrieve data in the public cloud. If it takes too long to obtain data in the public cloud format, these investments can undermine all other savings and benefits. In addition, if the user wants to use these resources only temporarily – as a BC/DR site or for data transfer to the cloud, some questions arise: how to get the information back? While the application is in the cloud, how can it be managed and how can it be controlled?

How Zerto Solves Public Cloud DR and Mobility Issues

Zerto Virtual Replication was specifically built for virtualized infrastructure and cloud and provides a smooth transport layer that allows you to easily and quickly use public cloud resources for disaster recovery and backup. With sequential and continuous replication of production workloads from VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments to AWS, providing more disaster recovery capabilities. By using AWS for the target site, capital expenditures are significantly reduced and replaced by predictable monthly maintenance. Finally, there is no time to purchase and configure hardware, making it an easy IT solution to meet rapidly changing business needs.

  • Public Cloud Replication: Replicate from a VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V environment to Amazon Web Services for cost-effective BC/DR with an unprecedented level of service.
  • Dramatically reduce IT costs: Replaces the IT site with a solution with a predictable monthly cost with the ability to refocus budgets on other IT projects.
  • Limitless Application Mobility: Encapsulate and move applications as needed within the environment, through hypervisors, or in the public cloud.
  • Fast cloud migrations: Strengthen your new public cloud with full migrations within minutes and with minimal downtime.
  • Centralized Management: Manage multi-site, multi-cloud environments across multiple sites in a single user interface.
  • No application or data reconfiguration required: Seamlessly install into existing infrastructure within minutes, regardless of hypervisor, cloud, or storage.


Many organizations want to use the public cloud, but are concerned with the process of getting applications and data in the public cloud to use it effectively. Zerto Virtual Replication encapsulates applications in such a way that they can be easily migrated to the public cloud for data transfer, or can use the public cloud for disaster recovery. The public cloud transforms significant capital expenditures into recurring monthly operating expenses. With Zerto Virtual Replication, organizations can leverage the public cloud for temporary or ongoing IT needs, including disaster recovery and backup.