Zert0 – Private Cloud

Zert0 – Private Cloud

Private Cloud DR, Replication, Remote Backup and Migration

Private Cloud offers many benefits to organizations because it allows you to allocate your organization’s resources more efficiently to optimize costs and respond quickly to business needs. A private cloud typically consists of multiple nodes, large data centers, and small branch offices that are virtualized and represented in a single business environment. These resources can be deployed and used throughout your environment, regardless of their physical location.

Problems arise in managing and securing these environments, as they tend to have very different hardware and a mixture of hypervisors. It’s hard to manage and migrate apps and data after making sure they’re in the right place for business users. Typically, several tools that run on hardware, hypervisor, and applications need to be coordinated to enable application mobility, and another set of tools is needed to ensure full application protection, through disaster recovery and backup.

Zerto Virtual Replication was created to run in a hypervisor and manage private clouds. Zerto Cloud Manager provides a single overview of all IT resources on different nodes. This single overview greatly simplifies the management of IT resources, as dependencies and other requirements become apparent.

Zerto Virtual Replication provides all the capabilities needed to provide a complete BC/DR solution in one easy-to-use software solution, making it indispensable for organizations of all sizes that are covered by virtualization.

  • Multi-site: Secure applications between multiple sites on the same infrastructure
  • Multiple Ownership: Use shared clusters and storage to protect multiple applications from multiple locations
  • Technology Independence: Replication between different storage technologies, and between VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments, for maximum disaster recovery flexibility
  • Centralized Management: Use a single console to manage and report on multiple sites and tenants
  • Automation: Fault tolerance, recovery, and testing are all automated in Zerto, both in vCenter and vCloud environments
  • Virtual Protection Groups: Encapsulate all virtual machines and data that are part of the application and protect both the application and its associated data, taking into account the accuracy of the write order, while ensuring simple and smooth application mobility.
  • Tight integration with VMware vCloud Director (vCD): Vcd integration automates protection, fault tolerance and application failure recovery and everything is managed centrally from Vcd.
  • Service Level Range: Zerto supports disaster recovery for Tier 1 applications, providing RPO in seconds and RTO in minutes, as well as for Tier 2 and Tier 3 applications
  • Always Recoverable: Zerto Offsite Backup uses information that is replicated for disaster recovery purposes and uses it for backup purposes. It moves backup operations from the production environment to the replication location, which significantly reduces the load on the production workload. ZVR now allows you to back up to public clouds and shared drives, making it much easier to back up a private cloud.


Only Zerto Virtual Replication can provide a complete private cloud data protection solution in one easy-to-use product. This eliminates the need for many different disaster recovery technologies and reduces complexity by not requiring the use of different interfaces and special skills to manage multiple solutions. Cost and risk are reduced by using a single disaster recovery solution that does more than conventional disaster recovery, and increase flexibility with the ability to replicate from any storage to any storage, between multiple hypervisors in private clouds, or DRaaS for Zerto Cloud Service Providers and Amazon Web Services, completely eliminating the need for physical site DR hosting.